Standard Pre-Operative

About Standard Pre-Operative Teaching

Please note: the following information is for patients undergoing standard joint arthroplasty (meaning that they will be discharged within 1-2 days of their surgery). If you are undergoing an outpatient arthroplasty, please see our ‘Outpatient Arthroplasty Pre-Operative Teaching’ page. The instructions are different so please make sure you are on the correct page.

You will be brought in to our clinic for pre-operative teaching prior to your surgery. This teaching appointment takes 2-3 hours total and during it you will meet with the internal medicine doctor, Allied Health team and your case manager.


What you need to bring to your appointment

• Your pre-operative teaching booklet (if you have already been given one)

• Your photo ID and Alberta Health Care card

• Your completed ECG (if this has not already been given to your Case Manager)

• A pen and paper to take notes as needed

Appointment Details

Your teaching appointment will take place at our Surgical Assessment Centre (Unit 2068). Please call (780) 433 – 3155 and press ‘1’ to get detailed instructions on how to get to our clinic. Make sure that your bloodwork is completed before your teaching appointment. Bring a copy of your ECG if you were given one by the lab.

Your teaching check-in will start 10 minutes prior to your appointment (this means that if your teaching time is 9:30 AM, check-in will start at 9:20, etc.).

If you have questions regarding your teaching appointment, please contact your surgical team. If you don’t have their number on hand, please find them here.

EBJC Pre-Operative Teaching Video

This video covers some of the content that you will go over during your teaching appointment and is here for your convenience. Feel free to watch it to prepare for your teaching, as review before your surgery, or share it with family members or friends who are curious as to how they can help you pre- and post-operatively.

Lost your teaching documents or would like to send
a copy to family or friends who will be assisting you?

Here is the surgical pathway document specific to standard pre-operative teaching:

All other documents can be found on our Teaching Documents page.