Where Should I
Refer My Foot
and Ankle Patient?

Where to Refer
Foot and Ankle Patients

Referrals to the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre should be regarding chronic foot and ankle problems where conservative measures have been exhausted.

Some conditions that require treatment, but should be directed elsewhere, include:

  • Acute injuries
    • Acute Achilles tendon ruptures: if the rupture has occurred in the last three months it is an emergent referral. Phone the Orthopaedic Consult Line: 1-800-282-9911.
    • Acute ankle sprains (including ligament injuries): these should be treated by a family physician. Patients should be put in a cast and sent to see a physical therapist. If the sprain is chronic and unstable then it is appropriate to refer them to our clinic.
  • Diabetic ulcers: patients should be referred to a wound care clinic.
  • Painful hardware: patients should be sent to the surgeon who initially performed the surgery.
  • Plantar fasciitis: patients should be referred to a physical therapist.
  • Plantar fibromas: patients should be referred to a plastic surgeon.
  • Toenails: patients suffering from toenail problems should be sent to a podiatrist.

If, after reading this through, you have determined that your patient requires a referral to the Edmonton Bone and Joint Clinic, you can find our referrals page here.