Appointment Guide

How to Prepare for
Your Virtual Appointment

To ensure the safety of our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBJC has been doing some virtual appointments. If your appointment is virtual (this will be indicated either on your appointment letter or by your medical office assistant), here is some information to help ease this process:

Make sure you have:

  • Your Alberta Health Care Card
  • Your demographic information
    • Your address, phone numbers and email addresses
    • The name and address of your family doctor/general practitioner
  • A list of the medications you’re currently on and the dosage you’re taking them at
  • A list of surgeries you’ve had previously
  • A list of any questions you may have to serve as a reminder during your appointment

All imaging (i.e. X-rays) should be done BEFORE your appointment as they will help the doctor make their assessment. These can be done at ANY X-RAY CLINIC in Alberta.

Make sure that you have a quiet, private place to take the doctor’s phone call. Please also ensure that your telephone settings are adjusted to accept calls from blocked numbers.

Our physicians do their best to stay on schedule. However, you may be phoned slightly earlier or later than the time your appointment is scheduled for. Please be patient and contact your team if you have any questions.