Referring Your Patient to the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre

As part of the Alberta Surgical Initiative (ASI), and in collaboration with the Edmonton Zone FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment) Program, the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre will no longer accept direct referrals. Please direct your referral to the FAST program, who will forward it on to us once complete:

The following kinds of patients will be referred, through FAST, to the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre (EBJC):

  • Patients seeking hip or knee replacements;
  • Patients with shoulder pain or instability; and
  • Patients with chronic foot and ankle problems where conservative measures have been exhausted.

The EBJC’s forms for hip and knee replacements and foot and ankle problems are still accepted by FAST. You can download them below:

For shoulder patients, referring offices must contact FAST to receive their referral form.

For further guidance on where to direct your patient with orthopaedic issues, please see the Provincial Adult Orthopedic and Spine Referral Pathway.