The Referral

The Referral Process

The referral process starts with a visit to your family doctor or general practitioner (GP). If the doctor feels you require treatment by a specialist, they can make a referral through FAST. More information on FAST and the referral process for physicians can be found below:

Provider Referral Resources

Once the referral has been processed by FAST, it will be sent to our clinic. We will send you (the patient) a letter with an appointment date and time once it has been scheduled.


Patient Care Pathways

Every patient’s treatment journey is unique. You can find more information about our care pathways by clicking one of the buttons below:

Hip and Knee Care Pathway Shoulder Care Pathway Foot and Ankle Care Pathway

Wait Times for Referrals

Once received from FAST, referrals are entered into our system daily so that patients are put into the queue for an assessment as quickly as possible; patients are seen in order of their referral date.

The clinic team works hard to ensure that an appointment to see the assessment physician or surgeon is booked as soon as possible. Wait times do vary and are based on the number of patients waiting and physician availability.

A letter with the appointment date and detailed instructions will be mailed to you once an assessment or a consult appointment is booked.

Looking for ways to manage your condition or prepare for surgery while you’re waiting for an appointment? Press one of the buttons below to find more resources.

Empower Yourself Managing and Treating Arthritis Shoulder Resources