Our Team

Our Team

At the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre, we use a multi-disciplinary team approach in order to provide our patients with comprehensive care. This team includes medical office assistants, RNs, physical therapists, occupational therapists, internal medicine doctors and anesthetists. Check out our Hip and Knee, Shoulder or Foot and Ankle pages to learn more about our care pathways. Scroll through this page to meet the team who will be caring for you!


Surgical Teams

If you have been placed on the surgical waitlist for joint replacement, you will be assigned an orthopaedic surgeon that will perform your surgery. You can learn more about our surgical care pathway for Hip and Knee here and for Shoulders here. Each surgeon works with a team comprised of a medical office assistant and nurse case manager to ensure patients are prepared for surgery and have a successful recovery.

Have questions about your joint replacement surgery?
Find the contact information for your surgeon’s team below.

Team 1

Dr. G. Lavoie
Dr. P. Leung

Case Manager: RN – Gina
(780) 377-1419

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Leanne
(780) 377-1420

Team 2

Dr. H. Jiang

Case Manager: RN – Joanne
(780) 377-1417

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Sandi
(780) 377-1418

Team 3

Dr. D. Durand

Shoulder Doctors:
Dr. R. Balyk (Shoulder patients)
Dr. J. Bergman
Dr. M. Boulaine
Dr. J. Cavanaugh
Dr. R. Glasgow
Dr. G. Harding
Dr. A. Lalani

Case Manager: RN – Treena
(780) 377-1412

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Ardis
(780) 377-1413

Team 4

Dr. B. Herman
Dr. P. Paul

Case Manager: RN – Marc
(780) 377-1405

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Esther
(780) 377-1406

Team 5

Dr. G. Goplen
Dr. M. Lavoie
Dr. D. Weber

Case Manager: RN – Christie
(780) 377-1404

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Cassie
(780) 377-1400

Team 6

Dr. R. Balyk (Hip and Knee Patients)
Dr. C. Panaro

Case Manager: RN – Stephanie
(780) 377-1423

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Trish
(780) 377-1424

Team 7

Dr. T. Bornes
Dr. D. Glasgow

Case Manager: RN – Elaine
(780) 377-1408

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Mariam
(780) 377-1409

Team 8

Dr. L. Ekert
Dr. D. Otto

Case Manager: RN – Cynthia
(780) 377-1430

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Shyla
(780) 377-1438

Team 9

Dr. M. Goplen
Dr. R. Stiegelmar

Case Manager for Dr Goplen: RN – Laurelle
(780) 377-1429

Case Manager for Dr. Stiegelmar: RN – Brianna
(587) 635-2074

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Sadiya
(780) 377-1427

Team 10

Dr. J. Cinats
Dr. E. Masson

Case Manager: RN – Stella
(780) 377-1416

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Kelsey
(780) 377-1415

Team 11

Dr. C. Hui
Dr. J. McGale

Case Manager: RN – Taz
(780) 377-1422

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Kim
(780) 377-1407

Team 12

Dr. B. Congdon
Dr. C. Weeks

Case Manager: RN – Trang
(780) 377-1421

Medical Office Assistant: MOA – Nimo
(780) 377-1445

Musculoskeletal (MSK), Foot and Ankle
and Shoulder Assessment Teams

Prior to being placed on the surgical waitlist, you will be seen by an assessment physician who will determine whether you are a good candidate for surgery. Learn more about our care pathways for Hip and Knee here and for Shoulders here and for Foot and Ankle here.

Have any questions regarding your assessment appointment?
Contact the team responsible for your care.

Referral  Coordinator

Alia – (780) 377-1410

MSK Assessment Team

Dr. G. Arnett
Dr. D. Dick
Dr. l. Hedayat
Dr. W. Jiang
Dr. K. Loeffler
Dr. M. Wesner

Medical Office Assistants: Sasha & Maria

MSK Booking Clerk: Maria
(780) 432-5627

Shoulder Assessment Team

Dr. M. Amatto
Dr. M. Wesner

Medical Office Assistant: Brittany
(780) 377-1411

Foot and Ankle Assessment Team

Dr. G. Lavoie
Dr. O. Markevych
Dr. S. Nullliah
Dr. C. Panaro

Medical Office Assistants: Sasha
(780) 377-1436

Allied Health Staff

At the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre, we are lucky to have a fantastic team of Allied Health workers on-site to assist patients during all steps of their care journey.

Looking for more physical therapy resources? Please visit our Empower Yourself page.

Physical Therapists, Athletic Therapists, & Kinesiologists

Physical Therapy Lines:
(780) 377-1431
(780) 377-1432

Our Leadership Team

Executive Director: Candace (780) 432-5937
Clinic Administrator and Human Resources: Yvette (780) 377-1402
Lead Case Manager: Joanne (780) 377-1417
Lead Allied Health: Teresa (780) 377-1432
Lead Medical Office Assistants: Sandi (780) 377-1418 & Sasha (780) 377-1411