About the
Edmonton Bone
and Joint Clinic

What We Do

The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre provides care to people who have been referred to an orthopedic surgeon for the following:

  • A hip or knee replacement
  • A shoulder assessment or replacement
  • A foot and ankle assessment

Additionally, we provide a healthcare team approach to assess and treat people who need total joint replacement surgery. The first appointment will be with an assessment physician who will determine whether you are a surgical candidate.

  • If you are a surgical candidate, you will be placed on the surgeon consultation waitlist.
  • If you are non-surgical, the assessment physician will provide you and your family physician with recommendations to improve your pain and function.

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Our Board

The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre has a board of directors who meet regularly to oversee the operations of the clinic and ensure that it is fulfilling its mission of ‘Excellence in Bone and Joint Health.’

President/Chair: Dr. Donald Glasgow
Medical Director: Dr. David Sheps
Secretary: Dr. Robert Stiegelmar
Treasurer: Dr. Gordon Goplen
Board Members: Kevin McKee and Dr. Paulose Paul

Take a peek inside

We have two clinics at Northgate Centre: the Joint Assessment Centre (Unit 2032) and Surgical Assessment Centre (Unit 2068). They house a variety of examination rooms, offices, classrooms for teaching, and a small gym. Feel free to take a look!

Our Team

Meet some of the dedicated professionals that will help you on your journey.

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