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Alberta Health Services
Physical Therapy Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Allied Health – Edmonton Zone provides physical therapy services through a network of contracted private clinics and public facilities.

Different zones in the province may have different access to community physical therapy and different policies regarding funding of these visits. Smaller centres or rural regions may provide these services through the hospital, while larger areas may have a selection of clinics to choose from. Some people have access to physical therapy funding through work benefits or privately purchased plans. You should investigate to determine whether or not you have any funding outside of the AHS allotted visits.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) provides limited coverage to Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Personal Health Care number. Physical therapy clinics that have a contract to provide services funded by AHS have a monthly funding cap therefore patients may be subject to a wait list until funding is available.

What does the AHS funded program cover?

Every person with a valid Alberta Health care number is allowed one physical therapy assessment per body part. If you have private extended health care benefits you will be required to use these. After the assessment, if you qualify and do not have extended health care benefits, AHS will cover:

Two treatments per year (April 1 – March 31) for regular patients
Six treatments per year (April 1 – March 31) for low-income, students or patients who are receiving government subsidy
Six treatments per year (April 1 – March 31) for designated orthopedic/surgical, neurological and fracture (broken bone) patients

If you require more than the allotted treatments, the extra visits may be covered by other health benefits or you may pay out-of-pocket. If you have no other coverage, you can ask your physical therapist to apply to AHS for a review of your case to see if more treatments can be covered. If additional treatment is not approved, you will be responsible for the cost of treatment moving forward.

The Corbett Hall Student Physical Therapy Clinic is a non-profit clinic operated within the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. Physical therapy students provide assessment and rehab under the supervision of licensed physical therapists. Referrals are not required.

Services include: Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Older Adult Health & Wellness or Balance Exercise Classes.

To book, call (780) 248-2070
Initial Assessment: $30
Follow-Up Appointments: $20
Group Classes: $10