Referral for Surgical Consult
– What’s Next?

Your next step is to see a surgeon
– What does this really mean?

You have completed your visit with the Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre and have been told that your next step is to see a surgeon. This indicates that our assessor thinks you have enough damage to your shoulder that you need to see a surgeon. However, this does NOT mean that you will be having surgery – it will be the surgeon who will decide if you are truly a surgical candidate. Then it is up to YOU to decide if you want to have surgery done.

How Long Will I Wait to See a Surgeon?

Wait times vary among each of the surgeons. A letter recommending that you be seen by a shoulder surgeon has been sent to the Edmonton Zone Central Referral Program (Ortho). This program refers our patients on to the appropriate surgeon (based on surgeon availability/practice).

A letter will be sent to your family physician by the Referral Program, indicating which surgeon’s office you have been referred to.

The contact information for the Edmonton Zone Central Referral Program is:

Edmonton Zone Central Referral Program (Ortho)
Phone: (780) 613-5387

Please note: The surgeon’s office will contact you directly with your appointment date and time. The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre and the Edmonton Zone Central Referral Program do not make these appointments.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take so long to see a surgeon after I have been assessed?
There are many patients who have shoulder injuries, and we do our best to have people seen as quickly as possible.

What can I do while I am waiting to see the surgeon?
Carry out the instructions that the assessment physician and physical therapist have given you. Stay healthy! See your family doctor for health issues (for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea). Practice healthy eating habits, stay active, and if you smoke, quit! You can find more information on how to empower yourself while you’re waiting for surgery here.

Need more information about
managing your shoulder pain?

Please refer to the information we have in our ‘Resources for Patients’ section.

Resources for Patients