Assessment Clinic

EBJC Shoulder
Assessment Clinic

The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre and the Edmonton Zone shoulder surgeons are pleased to offer central intake, triage, and assessments for shoulder referrals. The goal of this initiative is to improve access to shoulder consults, reduce unnecessary imaging (MRI and ultrasound), reduce duplication of referrals to multiple surgeons, and to have one referral process that will be consistent for all orthopedic surgeons who provide shoulder care.

In addition, for those patients who do not require surgical referral, our goal is to provide appropriate conservative management options for each patient to manage and restore their shoulder health and quality of life.

Our Mandate

PLEASE NOTE: This program does not accept WCB patients. Patients with a WCB claim should be referred by their case manager to the visiting specialist clinic at WCB.

The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre will provide the following:

  • A dedicated fax line ((780) 457-4393) that will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Referral triage, referral waitlist management, and communication to referring physicians on the status of the referral.
  • Assessment appointments to assess surgical candidacy provided by a physician and physical therapist team for all accepted referrals. Patients who are deemed surgical will be sent on to see a shoulder surgeon. Although specific surgeons may be requested, it is recommended that patients be referred to the next available surgeon to ensure timely access.
  • A detailed plan of care for the patient, which will be communicated to the referring physician.