Surgeon Appointments


A consult visit with a surgeon begins with the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) asking if all of your information is correct, including your Alberta Health Care number, family physician, etc. It is important that the information on your Alberta Health Care card and your ID (ex. driver’s license) match.

At Your Appointment

During your appointment, you will meet with the surgeon and their case manager. This team will discuss symptoms, x-rays, health history, and surgical outcomes. The surgeon will physically examine you, and the case manager will ask detailed questions about your health history.

Please bring a pair of shorts and a list of all your medications (your pharmacy can print a list for you).


What’s Next

If you are deemed “surgical” you will be asked when you will be “ready for surgery.” If you have travel plans, family commitments, work requirements, health issues, etc., your wait time for surgery will start when these have been resolved. Wait times vary from surgeon to surgeon, and the case manager will give you an approximate timeline for surgery. We will not be able to give you a surgical date at the time of your appointment.

Next Step

Once you have finished with the case manager and the surgeon, you will meet with the MOA at the front desk. If you have decided that you would like to have surgery, the MOA will give you requisitions for blood work, a dental form, and instructions about the process for booking a pre-op teaching visit. You will be given direct phone numbers for your MOA and case manager should you have further questions. Can’t find the direct numbers for your team? Click here to find their contact information.