You have seen the
Foot and Ankle Assessor
– What is Next?

Why do we assess patients?

The majority of patients seen by our Foot and Ankle assessors do NOT have an issue that needs to be seen by a surgeon. An assessment helps us to give patients that do not need to see a surgeon a care plan, and only send on those that need to see a surgeon. This helps to shorten the wait to see a surgeon.

Now that you have seen the Foot and Ankle Assessor and are waiting to see a surgeon, what does this mean?

This indicates that the assessment physician feels that you need the opinion of a surgeon. This does NOT mean that you will be having surgery – it is you and the surgeon who make that decision.

How long do I wait?

The current wait time has increased to more than three years. The surgeon’s office will contact you about a month before your appointment. Do not contact the surgeon’s office. If you have questions or concerns about your referral please call us at 780-377-1436.

What should I do while waiting to see the surgeon?

Manage your health concerns. Conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea (severe snoring), high blood pressure and poor diabetes control (high HgBA1C) may delay your surgery. Contact your family doctor regarding any health concerns. If you are overweight you may need to lose weight before a surgeon will consider operating on you. Now is a good time to start your weight loss program.

What do I do about possible pain in the Foot or Ankle?

Work with your family doctor, who knows you best, to determine which anti-inflammatory/pain medication is best for you. The Edmonton Bone and Joint Centre DOES NOT prescribe medication.


  • If you are being sent for further testing (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, or Injection) phone the clinic to book your follow-up appointment once the test is completed (injection follow-ups take place 6-8 weeks after your injection appointment). Phone (780) 377-1436 to book the appointment.
  • If you have not heard from our office in regards to your MRI or CT scan appointment within 3 weeks of your appointment in our clinic, phone our office at (780) 377-1436 for the status of this appointment.
  • If the Foot and Ankle Assessor has decided you need to be seen by a surgeon, you have been referred to the NEXT AVAILABLE surgeon. The current wait time is MORE THAN THREE (3) YEARS for an appointment with the surgeon.